Wednesday, July 4, 2007

White gold cat

The diamond jewelleries don't have to be sooo classic anymore! I've just discovered a collection of fun jewelleries, made of white gold and diamonds, that i simply love.
Entitled "Wild gold", the collection of pendants and earrings created by the designers of Donna Oro ( (renown Italian jewellery maker) represents stylized animal silhouettes, with a sparkling diamond for a dash of glitter.

My fav is the cat silhouette one; being a cat owner, and part of a Cat Club (enjoying all that cat shows craziness), i caught the bug of buying cat-cute-things a long time ago. So i always end up with some cat-plastic-pendant, because it looks so cute, which i will never wear because i hate plastic jewelleries. So i think i really want to invest in an white gold cat pendant, it will be a fun accessory, even to a classic/elegant outfit...

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Anonymous said...

I am interested in this animal silhouette pendant and wanted to know how to go about purchasing it. I tried going to the donnaoro website but do not see any where to purchase the item. How could I go about ordering this pendant?