Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter

2 new things were recently released from the Harry Potter saga.
I am talking about the 5Th film, "Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix" and the last, long awaited, book.

Although i ordered the book almost a year ago on amazon.co.uk, i haven't yet received it (yes, i know i don't live in England, but it is not my first pre-order, and usually i receive my item 3-4 days later than English residents), so i can't say anything about it. But i went to see the movie on premiere in Romania, so this post i about it.

I am not going to narrate the plot of the 5Th movie (you can easily find it everywhere on web), i just want to point some of my impressions:

* the movie was sensible shorter that the other ones in the series, that's maybe a good thing mainly for those not so much into Harry Potter

* because the movie was so short, some episodes from the book were very little shown, or missing at all (for example, i liked in the book all the things about the preparation for their exams, but in the movie was almost non-existent). Furthermore, the relation between Harry and Cho is non-sufficient explored.

* we find the actors one year older. Neville is now quite tall (unexpected really), and Ron is not the handsome young boy i think the producer hope he will become. On the other hand, Harry matures quite nicely :). I saw some pictures with him from the controversial play he acts in, and i can tell you, he will be the next sensation at Hollywood, just wait a few years!

* i enjoyed most Ron's older, twin brothers. They were the salt and the pepper of the movie (although in the book i was not so impressed with their characters).

So, all in all, i enjoyed very much the movie, and i can't wait to receive the book (my amazon.co.uk account says that it will happen between 30Th of July and the 2Nd of august, so i still have a long wait!).

What about you? Are you a Harry Potter fan?

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