Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ankle bracelets or anklets

I just received my grandma gift for my birthday :) To my surprise and pleasure, it is a very nice gold anklet, with the smallest heart-shape charm attached.

Well, i always wanted to buy myself an anklet, but never could decided against one model in particular. But now, that i received it, it seems to me perfect.

It is a fun accessory, and with the charm-crazyness around, it is an original way of wearing them. I plan to change the charms, according to my mood or outfit.
Right now i wear my new anklet with a pair of black slides from Gucci and a Mango black shirt dress. Although the dress, the shoes and the bag (round one from Lancel) are quite business-like looking, the anklet fits just alright (till now i always visualised them in a more casual outfit).

With my new accessory in hand, i begun searching the net for different styles and way of wearing it. That's how i came across some interesting articles on their history in fashion styles. It seems that in the 50's the ankle charms seemed to be a hit, and also pairing thin gold chains with ankle-length bobby socks (what??). Some women even used to wear copies of Elvis' dog tags around their ankles (what? WHAT??).

After that crazy period (really..crazy!), the anklets returned with the divadisco period of the 70's, and continued till the 80's with name plates and charm anklets being on the spot again.

Returning to the NOW fashion, i think anklets are quite IN again, and can be quite stylish if you keep in mind some rules:
* never wear you anklet under stockings (not only you will probably shred them, but it will look horrible and stupid!)
* never wear you anklet with metallic shoes (you can have only a certain amount of metallic stuff on you, and a gold bracelet over gold shoes is just too much)
* big anklets on dressy outfit = trashy
* if you have gold rings and watch -> gold anklet; if silver is your choice, let your ankle have silver too
* anklets + sandals with strap around the ankle -> definitely a NO NO!
* it is preferable to wear anklets on smooth, tanned legs (so you have something to draw attention at... a cheesy-white leg doesn't need to be on focus)

Do you wear anklets? What's your opinion on them?

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