Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rolling Stones in Romania

On the 17Th of July, the legendary band Rolling Stones were for the first time in Romania. We bought tickets months ago, but still we didn't catch the best ones, just near the scene.

The concert was really nice, with fireworks and lights in different colors, according to the music. I am not a big fan of them, because somehow they are not in my generation, but i still could appreciate them, and i really enjoyed the show! And Mick Jagger is quite fitted for his 64 years old, bouncing and running and screaming and singing all around the scene for almost 2 hours. It impressed me that he learned some Romanian words, besides "Good Evening Romania", and he even attempted a joke in our language, to the delight of the public.

I took a lot of pictures, some of them are quite ok, considering the distance i stayed from the scene (aprox 200m) and the fact that is was dark with moving lasers. I had my proffi camera with me, with the zoom lens and everything, and afterwards i was exhausted from carrying it (but it was worth it). You can see more pictures here, in the gallery:

Picture gallery Rolling Stones

Shopping wise speaking, there were some "official merchandise" sold in the stadium. Some not nice t-shirts, extremely expensive, and (what i wanted, but didn't had the chance to buy) a nice pin, with the famous tongue, the logo of the band, blinking red and blue in the dark.


Anonymous said...

Thank for the report, big stones fan, Jimmy in north carolina usa

Anonymous said...

It sure was nice :)