Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holiday in Chamonix

3 days already into my Holiday in Chamonix, Alpes, France.

We stopped for a night in Wien.

* Fashion Agains Aids hood designed by Tiga
* Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango Jeans
* Giles Deacon sunglasses
* Zippo blue bag
* Ugg style pink boots from Leonardo

First day, we ate at a traditional restaurant in Chamonix, then we went to Geneve, a charming little town right across the border in Switzerland. Shopping, sightseeing and delicious food! Great day!

* Mango red sweater
* fur vest BSB
* Roberto Cavalli for H&M black skinny jeans
* Versace Jeans COuture belt
* Il Passo fur boots

At night we stopped at a nice traditional restaurant, with lots of yummy cheese plates to choose from.

* Viktor & Rolf for H&M tshirt
* wool pink vest, Designers Originals Studio
* Roberto Cavalli for H&M skinny jeans
* Il Passo fur boots

On the next day, we finally hit the slopes. For our first day of skiing, we went on the Brevent-Flegere mountain, a large ski area right from Chamonix.

* Chiemsee ski suit
* Emilio Pucci for Rossignol ski blouse

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tull and socks at Avanpremiere 2008

Last week i attended the Avanpremiere Gala, a fashion event dedicated to promote young designers. 6 collections were presented, among them some "fresh" designers, but also some names that already are known in Romania.

While not exactly "a la carte" the clothes had that "something special" that interested me.

Eniko Szanto transited with her first collection from styling in written press to fashion designing. Casual and simple, the clothes have a strong ethnic influence. Black and white was the main combination of colors. My favorite piece was the ruffle skirt bellow, that created a fresh and romantic look.

Anca Ciataras expressed her love for Tull, with a cruise collection of fantastic dresses and hair accessories that seemed to arrive directly from a fairy tale. Notice the shinny socks over sandals, a trick that i first saw on Suzie's from stylebubble's posts.

Lucian Pop
is one more time the designer behind the fresh, young and vibrant collection presented by BM Jeans. Leggings in hot colors, funky t-shirts and jeans, the perfect clothes for clubbing. Considering its young target, the collection did not appeal to me, but i could not notice the wool orange hand warmers.

Zasha counted on grey, adorned with strong shades of red, yellow and sometimes fuchsia. Futuristic cuts and shinny materials, an urban collection before everything. Notice the boots, that are not exactly that, but really a pair of shoes with some leather leg warmer added on top.

Wood spirits entered in Carmen Secareanu's show, as her clothes in simple tones of black and white are exactly what an elf would wear.

My favorite show was the last one, Instinct by Andreea Vicol, a cruise collection that combined all the elements a modern woman needs in its wardrobe. Off colors and original tailoring, evening dresses, casual clothes and delicate prints, my kind of clothes.

See the galleries with the entire collections here on

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outfit for today: Boring khaki...

* Roberto Cavalli for H&M bootcut jeans
* Pull and bear white shirt
* khaki vest from Mango
* custom made navy patent ankle boots

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango

The Cruz sisters designed one more capsule collection for spanish retailer Mango, launched mid-february in stores.
Containing spring clothes, the collection has a fresh air and a navy theme. The main colors are red, navy and white, and the clothes compose a great basic wardrobe.
Plain t-shirts, red and navy blazers, white and blue "man" shirts. Plus some regular cute white skinny jeans and some other jeans pieces.

One dress though comes out of the ordinary. I am talking about a "pixelated" flower pattern t-shirt dress, in navy and pink, i instantly bought. I also considered buying the striped red and black top pictured bellow.

What i liked best on the website (although did not see in the Mango store near me) are the shoes. The pink peep-toe ones are so cute and feminine (and works so well with the dress i've just bought), while the white ballerinas are very interesting with that tattoo like design.

Outfit for today: Miu Miu shoes

2 degrees Celsius bellow zero, but i really needed to wear my new Miu Miu shoes.
At the "Avanpremiere" Gala, a show dedicated to promote yound fashion designers.

* red patent Miu Miu shoes with embelished heel
* black dress, Mango
* black tights, Golden Point

Friday, February 15, 2008

VDay outfit

My plan was to wear a gorgeous New York Limited Edition Mango dress i snapped at sales, but it wasn't ready in time from the tailor, so i went with plan B:
the same pair of Giles Deacon shoes (i've just bought them from ebay) and another Mango black dress.

* Milla Jojovich Night Collection for Mango, black dress
* Giles Deacon for New Look shoes (these shoes only work with black opaque tights underneath)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Saturday we went yet again to "visit" the factories in a town near Bucharest.
We didn't find much (still winter clothes, no spring ones available), but i've managed to find 3 very cute jackets.

khaki short jacket from Stefanel (i think), black one from "Trou d'Aiguille", off-white bolero from H&M

Outfit for today: Under the umbrella

Sunday we went for a long brunch in town.

* black jeans, Roberto Cavalli for H&M ( i really don't know what i would've done this winter if i wouldn't bought the 2 pairs of jeans from Cavalli's capsule for H&M)
* Fashion Against Aids t-shirt (designed by Good Charlotte)
* small clutch with a horse (Aigner)
* black heels

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Outfit for today: Lavender!

You cannot see from the poor quality picture i've managed to take, but the Stefanel blouse i am wearing has a qorgeus deep lavender color.

* Stefanel blouse
* skinny jeans, Roberto Cavalli for H&M
* belt Versace Jeans Couture

Monday, February 4, 2008

Outfit for today: Karl in the park!

Going out to walk Yuki in the park:

* old mini skirt, Hennes from H&M
* Karl Lagerfeld face tee
* over the knee socks, H&M
* tights, Golden Point
* grey ankle boots

Friday, February 1, 2008

2008 fashion resolutions

Yes, i know, it is a little bit to late to make them, but hey, better late than never!

1. I shall not buy anymore impulsive clothes from highstreet stores! Yes, that Mango top was awfully cheap in an outlet store, but unless i really need it, or really liked it (ie the dream top), highstreet merchandise have this strange quality to look awfully in any combination after less than 6 months.
2. When buying anything, think if i have something to match it at home. A pair of trousers that will need new shirt, shoes, bag and jacket to look good it is not a bargain!
3. Focus more on quality items, from designer brands. Instead of 3 zara tops i can end up with a Diane von Furstenberg dress!
4. More ebay, less! :) It is cheaper this way :) (sure items come in such a classy black paper...)
5. Focus on interesting, original shoes. Forget your everyday simple black/white/cream shoes.
6. Try new color/outfits combinations. You never know!
7. Always, but ALWAYS, make a list before shopping! Oh ya! Stick by it!
8. When i really like an item, even it is only somehow affordable, i will buy it! I can stand clothes that i missed, but still glued to my brain!