Monday, February 25, 2008

Tull and socks at Avanpremiere 2008

Last week i attended the Avanpremiere Gala, a fashion event dedicated to promote young designers. 6 collections were presented, among them some "fresh" designers, but also some names that already are known in Romania.

While not exactly "a la carte" the clothes had that "something special" that interested me.

Eniko Szanto transited with her first collection from styling in written press to fashion designing. Casual and simple, the clothes have a strong ethnic influence. Black and white was the main combination of colors. My favorite piece was the ruffle skirt bellow, that created a fresh and romantic look.

Anca Ciataras expressed her love for Tull, with a cruise collection of fantastic dresses and hair accessories that seemed to arrive directly from a fairy tale. Notice the shinny socks over sandals, a trick that i first saw on Suzie's from stylebubble's posts.

Lucian Pop
is one more time the designer behind the fresh, young and vibrant collection presented by BM Jeans. Leggings in hot colors, funky t-shirts and jeans, the perfect clothes for clubbing. Considering its young target, the collection did not appeal to me, but i could not notice the wool orange hand warmers.

Zasha counted on grey, adorned with strong shades of red, yellow and sometimes fuchsia. Futuristic cuts and shinny materials, an urban collection before everything. Notice the boots, that are not exactly that, but really a pair of shoes with some leather leg warmer added on top.

Wood spirits entered in Carmen Secareanu's show, as her clothes in simple tones of black and white are exactly what an elf would wear.

My favorite show was the last one, Instinct by Andreea Vicol, a cruise collection that combined all the elements a modern woman needs in its wardrobe. Off colors and original tailoring, evening dresses, casual clothes and delicate prints, my kind of clothes.

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