Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Due to my new ambition, of going to gym at least 2 times a week, i was very interested in the new collection designed by Stella McCartney for Adidas presented last week at London Fashion Week(my gym wear is from her collection, and i love it).

Golf wear, tennis equipment and other sport clothes. The colors were neutral, with some yellow accents here and there. The dirty white used for shorts and t-shirts is actually an interesting color, and i think i might try it.

I liked the tennis costume in white, the t-shirt is so cute and feminine, yet fully sportive in materials etc.

Another interesting piece was the black cut-out swimsuit. I am thinking that next spring i will transit to one-piece swimsuit, and this kind of model is on of my favorite.

Overall, i really like Adidas and Stella's collaboration. I always thought that sport clothes were a little dull, but now a new perspective is available.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Matthew Williamson summer of fresh

Matthew Williamson once again did NOT disappoint me. His collection for next spring, presented during the London Fashion week was fresh, happy and adorable.
His inspiration was India, ethnic embroideries being one of the key elements of the clothes.
The most used colors were bright green, summery yellow and pink, combined with the classic black and white. All together, those colors means really fun, spring-summer clothes. The degrade, already present in so many designer's collections for spring, is here also a central piece of Mathew's essentials.

Personally, I felt in love with Williamson's striped blazers in fresh colors, i think one of the basics for next spring.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Outfit for today: Mango all the way!

Yesterday i was at a Mango store to see with my own eyes the new "Penelope&Monica Cruz" collection. Although, after seeing the pictures on, my initial reaction was not that favorable, i managed to find some cute clothes: a pair of fall shorts, in a dark brown color and a simple white shirt, with a cute embroidered "Penelope & Monica" logo at the bottom.

While in Mango i also bought a cute purple layered top, from their New York limited edition, so today i wear an (almost) all Mango outfit.

* brown shorts Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango
* purple top, Mango Limited collection New York
* brown pumps, Bally
* floral brown tights

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lee & Wrangler FW07

Yesterday i was invited to attend the launch of the Lee & Wrangler FW07 collection.
Instead of the usual catwalk presentation, they created an interactive event, where the people invited (mostly fashion journalists) were asked to create outfits, using clothes from both Lee and Wrangler collections for Fall Winter 07.

We were given each a number (mine was 13, lucky one i guess), and after that some of us were chosen randomly to create this limited series of outfits. My number was up first, so i went with a model, and i picked clothes to create the outfit (one top, one bottom, shoes and accessories).
I went with a pair of jeans i liked from the very beginning, and then around it i created a simple, feminine outfit, with a printed black and white XL t-shirt, a big, bold necklace and black sequined ballerinas.

My outfit

Me and my outfit

Among all the clothes there, i liked best some skinny jeans from Lee X-line collection, the retailer's more sophisticated line of clothes. Beside the skinny jeans from my outfit, pictured above, i liked also a pair of purple ones:

And the black wool boots were simply gorgeous, similar to some i saw and blogged about from!

Some shirts for men were also very interesting, with a flattering cut. I will definitely visit the shops, for further inspection :)

To see more looks, created by other people, click here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Outfit for today: Still summer

Today there are 35 degrees Celsius outside, so the summer is still here for the moment.
That's why i decided to wear my new adjusted vintage dress, freshly received from the tailor.

* vintage floral print tank dress with matched belt
* (not shown in the picture) vintage approx 1910 coral necklace
* peep-toe tan shoes from Napoleoni, a shoe brand that is commercialised in different stores here in Romania, and have quite original designs, at relatively moderate prices
* pink bag from Stefanel

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall grey dress

I am thinking about getting (yet another) grey dress.
And i found some great styles still on sale on too!

Grey is THE color for this fall according to, well, everybody. And with a pair of ankle boots and thick leggings, any of the dresses bellow will make a fine fall outfit. Check them out:

Gray wool blend bat wing slash neck dress with stud fastening obi belt from Stella McCartnery

This tone of grey looks great against black. For a touch of glamour add some impressive jewelry around the neck.

Gray-and-blue plaid dress from Marc by MJ, with a cross over detail on bust.

The net-a-porter editor paired it with boots. Instead, i would wear it with pumps.

Gray sleeveless ribbed knit dress with self-tie belt from Calvin Klein

Knits are another big trend this fall, so how about mixing those two trends together...

Concert Black Eyed Peas and Fergie in Romania

This Saturday we went to the Black Eyed Peas long-awaited concert in Romania.
As i somehow expected, the show was incendiary, with a full-with-energy band on the stage, moving, dancing, break-dancing and singing of course.

We enjoyed all their important pieces: My Humps, Where Is The Love, Don’t Lie. Fergie also performed some of her own plays, like Fergalicious, and the crowd received them very well, singing together with the star.

As always, i took a lot of pictures. But only since a big bodyguard came to me and told me not to take another picture, because it is not allowed to take pictures with professional cameras. Eh well! I had enough till then already.

See more pictures from the concert here:

Picture gallery Black Eyed Peas

The only thing i regret about not being able to take further pictures, is the fact that now i am unable to show you all Fergie's costumes.

First, she appeared in a black and white short blouse, with a black blazer and black shorts. I love the belt, it gives the whole outfit a glamorous feel.

Then, while performed some of his songs, Fergie changed into a funnier/sexier outfit, for her Fergalicious song. A short skirt, with yellow belt and a bustier again, to show her worked abs.

For the bis part, a big white slogan t-shirt, from House of Holland, with "Take me higher Azzedine Alaia" written all-over. The metallic purple color of the writing matched the leggings. She also had extremely high heels to go with whole outfit.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Outfit for today: sporty shinny

Going out to see a football game at a trendy sports bar:

* shinny purple skirt from BSB
* grey top from Anastacia by s'oliver
* jacket from Mango
* metallic shoes
* shoulder bag from Venera Arapu

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cruz sisters for Mango

As i announced earlier, the Cruz sisters designed a capsule collection for Spanish retailer chain Mango. The collection is due to appear on 16 September, and already a preview is online on Mango's website.

I must say i am little disappointed by the clothes presented. The Cruz sisters were in my mind fun, happy girls, with Spanish origins, that will of course design happy, cute, colorful clothes. For sure i was not expecting those dark colors and straight, masculine cuts. Even a military-inspired jacket as well.

The evening dresses are yes, feminine, but the all-black theme is kinda depressing and not that original at all. While i occasionally enjoy wearing a black dress for an event, i usually like my clothes to be richer in color. The one in left and the one in center are kinda cute, i will check them when the collection will hit the stores.

The other thing i kinda like is the faux fur/leather (i think) jacket in the middle.

Well, it was said that the collection will contain 25 pieces, so more to see in stores. Maybe Mango is just bad at presenting a collection (as it is in designing an website), and in fact the pieces created by the Cruz sisters are just awesome!

Spring 2008 ready-to-wear

The fall hasn't begun yet, but the designers already know what we will be craving for next spring.
As a result, i already know what i will be want to buy six months for now... So, what were my favorite looks from NY fashion week presentations?

The grey shades are a big MUST this fall, but it seems that grey will be also a very trendy color for next spring. Or so think big designers like Alexander Wang, Max Azria or Marc Jacobs.

Alexander Wang proposes a simple look, with oversized blazers over simple white t-shirts, with strong masculine influences.

Note to self: buy a pair of grey shorts while you can still find them in sales this fall. They will be great next spring.

Max Azria in his BCBG collection plays well with grey as well, presenting subtle shining, very flattering materials.

Note to self: must find that kind of wrap-around belt, like you can see in the first picture above.

And Marc Jacobs, the one designer who actually dictates the fashion in New York agrees with the others, incorporating a lot of grey in his collection.

And as we are already used, his runaway was the most original one, with Trompe l'oeil underwear and business suits with hip-high slits. Transparency was the key theme here, and Marc Jacobs showed us layered on the catwalk all the faces of a modern woman: she is a business woman, with sexy underwear underneath her rigid suit. And also she manages to run her house, and the big plastic gardening gloves are just the right amount of detailing to finish a modern woman outfit.

Note to self: great shoes. Will match perfectly an Escada pink skirt i bought this year.

A fresh air of spring was brought by Diane von Furstenberg, with bright colors on vacation-perfect, feminine, chic clothes. I like best the degrade dresses pictured bellow.

And because the DVF collection was one of my favorite ones from the entire NY Fashion Week, i will post 2 another outfits i like very much.

The eternal chic of the simple dresses presented by Oscar de la Renta is another key look for spring. In plain, but bright color, or with a simple, eye-catching design...hmm, perfect for business or for pleasure.

Ps: notice the subtle degradee on the second dress, on the right, similar to DVF. It might be a strong spring trend...

Last here, but not last on my thoughts, the feminine silhouettes that Michael Kors designed. Delicate colors like pink, green or yellow are the perfect ones for ultra-feminine style clothes. And the combination fresh green-bright pink might be my favorite one next spring.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Outfit for today

* off white blazer from Mango
* Y*Me top
* skirt from Stefanel

Crazy shopping

Friday i went with some friends "factory shopping" in a town near Bucharest. Factory shopping means shopping from inside shops, that sell clothes at extremely low prices.
It was CRAZY!

My purchases:

2 tops*cream & blue top from Y*Me
*blue top from Marks and Spencer

1 dress
*red dress from Next

5 skirts
*1 pencil skirt black
*1 blue from H by Tommy Hilfiger
*1 cream from Tentazione
*2 cream from Etam

2 blazers/jackets
*1 navy jacket from H&M

*1 grey jacket from Warehouse

1 pair of pants
*1 DARK GREY PINSTRIPE pair of pants from Warehouse

2 vests
*1 black vest from H&M
*1 white vest from H&M

The total price: approx 50 euros :D

The skirts, dress and pants are great for office fall outfits. Also the blazer from Warehouse. The navy jacket from H&M is perfect to complete my navy look for this fall i blogged about a few days ago. The tops are just cute and funny. The blue one from Marks and Spencer would match heavenly a pair of Marc Jacobs sandals bought last year.
The vests are a close match for an Alessandro dell'Aqua look.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Outfit for today

* grey blazer from Warehouse
* cream embroidered blouse from Marella
* Zara pants
* Max Mara leather bracelet
* Tod's shoulder bag
* Dior buckle shoes

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Outfit for today: Saturday brunch

* navy jacket from H&M
* Buterfly by Matthew Williamson jeans skirt
* pink t-shirt from Petit Bateau

Victoria's Secret Fall for Boots: 20% off selected boots

Victoria's Secret has a special offer this month, till September 23. Just enter BOOTS20 at checkout, and you will get a 20% discount on boots (excluding UGG and other promotional prices).

Several boots gave my the eye, and are quite good deals considering the offer:

From left to right: Report Tan Leather Cargo Boots - cuuute! $108 (already a promotional price); low-cut front quilted bootie from BCBGirls in black $139 -> $111; Diba sweater boots in off white $139 -> $111

After a long deliberation, i decided to order only the Report tan ones, although not included in the special offer. The booties from BCBGirls are still on hold for the moment (but i really like their quilted style, very trendy this fall)...

Since i decided to place an order, i browsed some more through the website, to see if there are some other things interesting :)

The final list consisted of:
* the above mentioned Report boots; by the way, which combination is better? Report boots + Chloe or Vuitton bag?

* Steve Madden peep-toe flats in black patent leather (i actually really-really needed a pair of black flats, and this pair is quite sexy and versatile)

* sculpted ring from Tori Spelling; bold and interesting design

* UGG Cell phone holder - super cuuuute! (to show you that i am completely honest about my shopping, this thing here was the last thing i needed :), but the cutest thing ever )

* Fragments resin bangle in black and gold, for my reconstruction of my favorite Chanel look

* Pink dog tag, for my dog Yuki, the trendiest dog ever :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Outfit for today

Today me and my friends are going "factory shopping", so i need to be extra comfy, because it involves a long drive.

*velour striped grey hoodie
*cats t-shirt from H&M
*grey with colorful dots belt from Zara
*Ivory jeans from CK

Cute things

Lately I've been buying several cute things, for the house and also from the stationery area. That's how i discovered several interesting brands/designers for cute objects.

Vigar is a product design company based in Spain, specialized in kitchen and house products like brooms, dust pans and brushes.

I bought a cuuute Spots Dustpan & Brush and a long handle broom with cute designs all over it. Don't take me the wrong way, i am not a hardworking bee, not even remotely :), but those products look so cute and cool in one of my kitchen corners :).

Going to stationery, i always need a cute note book on my desk to write TO DO lists, important phone numbers and several other things during my working day. A friend showed me the Miqelrius collection of stationery and desktop items, available at the near by department store.
Miquelrius, as well as Vigas, is a Spain based company that produces several products for home and office. They work with different designers, as Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Jordi Labanda (fashion illustrator working for Vogue, NY Times etc).

I bought a cute red with trademark Agatha Ruiz de la Prada colorful hearts note book (see above), and i plan today to go again to buy also one from the Looks collection of Jordi Labanda (the BASIC one in pink, check bellow in the pictures), to match the already bought pencil and pen holder from the same collection.