Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cruz sisters for Mango

As i announced earlier, the Cruz sisters designed a capsule collection for Spanish retailer chain Mango. The collection is due to appear on 16 September, and already a preview is online on Mango's website.

I must say i am little disappointed by the clothes presented. The Cruz sisters were in my mind fun, happy girls, with Spanish origins, that will of course design happy, cute, colorful clothes. For sure i was not expecting those dark colors and straight, masculine cuts. Even a military-inspired jacket as well.

The evening dresses are yes, feminine, but the all-black theme is kinda depressing and not that original at all. While i occasionally enjoy wearing a black dress for an event, i usually like my clothes to be richer in color. The one in left and the one in center are kinda cute, i will check them when the collection will hit the stores.

The other thing i kinda like is the faux fur/leather (i think) jacket in the middle.

Well, it was said that the collection will contain 25 pieces, so more to see in stores. Maybe Mango is just bad at presenting a collection (as it is in designing an website), and in fact the pieces created by the Cruz sisters are just awesome!

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