Sunday, September 2, 2007

Getting ready for gym!

My new fall resolution is to go to the gym at least 2 times a week. With this in mind, i started to wander through strange to a sedentary human being like me shops, like adidas, Puma, Nike and so.

I knew from the very beginning what to look for: the stella mccartney range from adidas seemed promising enough, and i was right. I bought 3 gym tops (i need many changes, because i will definitely go many times a week...)

Loose fit and a longer length for a very flattering look: the stripe tank pictured above on left. Right, sexy and fun tank, with additional inner support. Both are in wisteria color.

Although not in the same color scheme, i also bought a tight fit tee, with delicate lace detailing. Mine is a faded green.

I also bought a pair of Adilbria ClimaCool Capri pants, with a deep waistband, in a rich grape color. They look extremely good on me, and match perfectly the stella tops.

Happy with my purchases, i entered then in a Puma store. Hmm! Those Sabadella flats, in nightshade purple are exactly what my gym outfit needed. Sold to me!

I also bought some purple socks from Puma, because, well, such a beautiful outfit would look unfinished with regular simple socks, don't you think?

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Brian Davis said...

Aren't these Puma flats amazing. They are so comfy and cute and just "POP" with athletic style. I bought a black patent pair for my workout outfit