Friday, September 21, 2007

Outfit for today: Mango all the way!

Yesterday i was at a Mango store to see with my own eyes the new "Penelope&Monica Cruz" collection. Although, after seeing the pictures on, my initial reaction was not that favorable, i managed to find some cute clothes: a pair of fall shorts, in a dark brown color and a simple white shirt, with a cute embroidered "Penelope & Monica" logo at the bottom.

While in Mango i also bought a cute purple layered top, from their New York limited edition, so today i wear an (almost) all Mango outfit.

* brown shorts Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango
* purple top, Mango Limited collection New York
* brown pumps, Bally
* floral brown tights


Anonymous said...

ce preturi sunt la colectia penelope/ normale sau mai mari decat the usual mango prices?

Dana said...

Normale pt Mango. Pls, this blog is in english :)