Monday, December 17, 2007

Outfit for today: Office Christmas Party

* dress from Mango
* belt M by Madonna for H&M
* tights H&M
* red patent shoes Musette

Friday, December 14, 2007

Orange, white and navy

I am not what you would call a fan of orange. To think about it, except an orange t-shirt i bought from Escada a while ago ( and mainly because it got a huge discount), i don't have orange clothes at all.

But that is just because till a few days ago, when i attended a fashion show by Claudia Castrase (to present its collection for spring-summer 2008, entitled Karyatides), i didn't know how to wear this color properly.

Notice how the navy is accentuated by the subtle orange accents?

And how white can be so feminine and cute combined with orange lines here and there?

And the embroidered details at the neck are simply gorgeous...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sweater dresses

For me, the IT piece for this winter is the sweater dress.
Till now i didn't show much interest in such a cloth item, but now i simply can't wear anything else.

And such a versatile item it is! Depending on how you accessorize it, you can have a sporty outfit, casual, office or elegant. Great item for dinner out or for going to the club. And the knit keeps you warm during the chilly winter days.

I like to wear them with ankle boots, or with my over the knee pair. Although pumps or just above the knee boots are also an interesting option, i just can't match them like this.

For an office look, you simply have to add a bold belt (preferable patent) and cute, feminine ankle boots. A big bag to hold your papers is a must!

Proenza Schouler


Going to a club? Pun on a dress with sparkly details and a pair of killer heels. Don't forget your evening clutch!

Navy merino wool t-shirt dress Nanette Lepore

You are a fan to sporty-elegant outfits? Try a chunky dress in funky colors, with sporty details like zippers, pockets and hoods. Pair it with grey tights (the color for this season) and boots. Or better yet, try stripes in shades of gray or navy.

Matthew Williamson


Marc by Marc Jacobs


A casual night out? Or just a walk to see the latest trends in shops?
Be feminine with big shoulders, fluffy sleeves and high heels. Go with neutral colors (grays or earth tones) or try some cute prints, like the hearts proposed by Sonia Rykiel.

Paul & Joe

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

Mara Hoffman

Monday, December 10, 2007

Outfit for today: Birthday party!

We were invited to a birthday party at a fancy restaurant.

My outfit:

* black Sevillane dress, by CHRISTIAN LACROIX for La Redoute (recently received by mail :))
* red shoes, Musette

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

M... as in Mango, Marimekko, Milla, Mauritz

Continuing the collaboration between the Spanish retailer shop Mango and the actress Milla Jojovich, a new collection is available now in stores.
This time the cocktail & party dresses are only designed by Milla (and not together with her partner Hawk). Black is the color and retro feminine is the key look. The only color is in the bold glamorous jewelry, also with a retro air. The collection contains dresses and accessories (boleros, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, evening purses).

OK, i clarified 2 of the M's from the title above. What about the other two? Mauritz of course is as in Hennes and Mauritz, better known as H&M, the Swedish chain that just announced their collaboration for next April with Marimekko, one of the leading Finnish textile and clothing design company. I've discovered it while in Finland this year, and quickly fallen in love with their fun prints and unique clothes.
The collection will contain about 50 clothes, all in Marimekko signature prints. Fun, easy to wear designs for summer... Were to plan a trip for April, so i will be near a H&M??

Monday, December 3, 2007

Shopping basket: Victoria's Secret

I am not a regular basis customer from Victoria's Secret, but from time to time i like to spend a quality moment browsing through their collection of clothes/shoes.
My last purchase from VS, a pair of cognac cargo boots from Report, that i am very happy about, was months ago, so i decided that it might be the time for another round.

I was looking for nothing in particular, but here is what i added to my basket:

Notice Sequin miniskirt - just in time for this party season

Cotton featherweight crewneck sweater - in gray, as in picture; simple and on sale :)

Flirty Tie shirt - i just love tie shirts, it reminds me of school, but in a sexy way :)

Outfit for Sunday Movie

For the moment in Bucharest it is raining non-stop, so the funny things to do in weekends are somehow limited. That's why we went to yet another movie (the third this last week).

* leather jacket GAS
* bag Louis Vuitton
* cognac cargo boots from Report
* brown shorts from Zara
* belt Laura Biagiotti
* scarf - can't remember from which store

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Romanian designers (II) Bucharest Fashion Week

The BFW ended, and i was there to report to you what i liked from all Romanian designers collections.

Dorin Negrau - "Safari" Collection
Nice structured collection, with simple tailored clothes, simplicity that reminds me of some of MJ collections; nice cute colors. My favorites:

the simple black dress, so stylish with contrasting white belt

black swimming suit - retro, but so chic

my kind of office gray simple dress

relaxed white top for a relaxed outfit

Ziodi (i have no idea actually were this shop is, but i have to do some search...cause i liked the collection presented)

the whitey lacey thing on top of the dress...classic dress, futuristic twist

Laura Olteanu & Mihai Albu wedding collection
I am not a big fan of Mihai Albu's shoes, but i got to admit that Laura's wedding dresses are amazing. The pieces presented now had some "wintery" feeling, with all that snowy silhouette, and embroidered snow flakes alikes...

After seeing this collection, if i would be a future bride now, i would probably pick Laura Olteanu to do my wedding dress... But since this is highly impossible, i will content myself with only Negrau's creations. And to find this mysterious Ziodi.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Romanian designers (I) Collections presented at Ford Supermodels of the world 2007

I've already presented here the finalist and also the winner. Now i will write about the fashion part of the show.

The "Casual wear" was the first round the models had to pass in order to win the competition.
The outfits were from Claudia Castrase 's "Smart eyesight" collection.

The 12 outfits are simple, casual, yet extremely elegant with inspirations from Japanese costumes. Yet the colors are very European and very this season. Gray is the main color, and it's shades are boosted by bold red accents (i especially liked the red bows and red shoes).

After the first round, Adrian Oianu (young Romanian designer) presented a small collection. Only tunic dresses, from neutral colors to dramatic yellow, all reiterating the same simple square form. Big sleeves, zippers and straight cuts that give volume to the outfit: those are the elements that characterize Adrian Oianu's style. My favorite dress from the show was the last one posted bellow, an all-brown dress, with define waist.

The "Evening dresses" for the models in contest were created by Agnes Toma, a known evening outfits designer in Romania.

Before announcing the winner, one last collection was presented. This time we could see some of Wilhelmina Arz creations. Subtle elegance and original tailoring. Plus the flowers for a feminine touch and a spectacular effect.

Ford Supermodel of the world

Yesterday i attended the Romanian final of the contest Ford Supermodel of the world.
Apart from the contest itself, there where several fashion collection presented, which i will comment in a later post.

Now the 12 supermodels that "fought" over the title:

and the 3 winners (the one in center is the girl that will go to world final.