Monday, December 3, 2007

Shopping basket: Victoria's Secret

I am not a regular basis customer from Victoria's Secret, but from time to time i like to spend a quality moment browsing through their collection of clothes/shoes.
My last purchase from VS, a pair of cognac cargo boots from Report, that i am very happy about, was months ago, so i decided that it might be the time for another round.

I was looking for nothing in particular, but here is what i added to my basket:

Notice Sequin miniskirt - just in time for this party season

Cotton featherweight crewneck sweater - in gray, as in picture; simple and on sale :)

Flirty Tie shirt - i just love tie shirts, it reminds me of school, but in a sexy way :)

1 comment:

mari said...

Such great picks!
The tie shirt is adorable! I'm craving for getting one myself now!

And I gotta say I simply love the pdf guide you made! It's perfect! :)