Saturday, February 28, 2009

If it's colorful and/or trompe l'oeuil, then it should be mine

Trompe l'oeuil t-shirt and colorful necklace, both from H&M. Too bad, stil not a single H&M in Romania :(

Art by Shoboshobo at H&M

As every season, a new bunch of Art by merchandise are available at selected H&M stores. This year, you can buy t-shirts and tanks part of a collection designed by Shoboshobo. To find more about the artist:

Friday, February 27, 2009

The pink obsession

After buying the pink FAB Smeg fridge, i want to buy one more kitchen appliance to match it.

That's why i am in love with this Cuisinart Hot Chocolate & Coffemaker set in pale pink ceramic. Too bad Cuisinart is not imported in Romania...

Oh! Or better yet! I want this ENTIRE page from!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New phone

I need to buy a new phone for our new house, and i couldn't find anything interesting anywhere in Romania. That's why i turned to ebay, because i want my home phone to make a statement, and also to match the style of our new home (lots of "new" in my sentences so far in this post). As far as tech requirements go, i want it to be cordless.

The first phone that caught my eye was the GE Designer Series Americana Cordless Black Desk Telephone Phone. It is available and black, as well as white, and has this cool retro aesthetics and i like.

The second one is the JACOB JENSEN™ Telephone 80. Jacob Jensen, former designer at B&O, creates objects with clean lines that i also like.

Which one do you like? Oh! And also, very important, do you think a home phone bought in the States will work in Romania (Europe)?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Night: My favorite dress

...must be the one Saraj Jessica Parker was wearing on the Red Carpet. The color, the embrodery, the belt, everything is just gorgeous.

foto © Northfoto

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some more deco treats

Oscar Night: Romance in 2008

Robert Pattinson (you know him, it's Edward, the vampire, from Twilight) presented last night, the OSCAR Night, a cute, touching moment: Romance in 2008.

Outfits for a holiday in Solden

This year, we went for our anual skiing trip to Solden, a nice little ski resort near Innsbruck.

Skiing all day
There were so many slopes to try! But so cold outside!

* Chiemsee ski suit
* Quicksilver ski gloves

Aqua Dome - the perfect relaxation spot
In the evening, after ski, we usually spent the time at Aqua Dome, a thermal pool and resort right outside Solden.

* Zara fur hood sweater
* organic cotton H&M t-shirt
* Levis heart jeans
* fur boots

* jeans and fur vest from BSB
* "Nice and cute winter doll" t-shirt from Naf Naf
* fur boots
* Versace Jeans Couture belt

One day break in Innsbruck
We took one day break and we've spent it in Innsbruck shopping and visiting the Olympique Ski Jump from Bergisel.

* Viktor and Rolf for H&M jacket
* Marc Jacobs bag
* Cavalli jeans
* fur boots
* Derek Lam sweater

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deco obsessions: Log tables

Sorry for the lack of posting, but i was one week skiing in Solden (Austria), and the rest of the time was spent finishing my new apartment, which is my new obsession. Would you believe me if i told you that this week i was every day at Ikea? And that honestly i can think clothes right now, but only chairs, coffee tables, dressing rooms, curtains and matching colors? That's why i will keep you bored with my current deco obsessions.

Today obsession: log tables. I badly want one like those in my living room. But i can't find any way one that does not speak "rustic" to me, but rather interesting and original.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ocean Lounge

My favorite fragrances are the Escada summer limited editions. And the seventeenth in the line just came out. It is called Ocean Lounge, and i am sure i will love it, just as i loved every one of them before it. I sort of collect them, and i can't wait to buy it (it didn't seems that this new perfume arrived in Romania yet, but this weekend i will be skiing in Austria...).