Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twilight, an obsession

Hello again. And sorry about the lacking in posting lately. This is due partially because of the Christmas frenzy around here, and partially because of my new obsession with the Twilight Saga.

I've ordered the books a good 6 months ago, but I ordered them together in one shipment from Amazon, so they all arrived after the 4th book of the series, "Breaking Down" was launched. And I am glad I received them like this, because reading them apart would have been a painful experience for me.

If you didn't read them yet, a short description: the Twilight Saga contains 4 books, all over 500 pages, describing the love relation between teenage Bella and "teenage" vampire Edward.

I began reading them last weekend, Saturday night. By Sunday morning I was on my way to finish the 3rd book.
I was instantly drawn to the main story, the forbidden love between Bella and Edward. Although the first book did not have at all action until the last chapters, the tension between the characters, the way they interacted captured all my interest. The second book, "New Moon" is sad, and I could well relate to Bella and all her sadness, alone when Edward decided to leave her for her own good. "Eclipse", the 3rd novel, compensates in action for the other two. You have a lot of fights going on, and it ends in a very happy note. The last one, and the biggest of the lot, "Breaking dawn", features Bella finally transiting to the vampire world, becoming one herself at last. But her finally found happiness will not last forever, until another great fear will be overcome: the "royal" vampire family, the Volturi, wants to tear their family apart.

Monday morning I finished the 4th and last one, and I begun to search online for more interesting things about them. Of course, the movie is already launched in USA (but not in Romania - very annoying thing), but the most interesting thing were the extras and outtakes from the books, online on the author's site (stepheniemeyer.com), that I’ve read in an instant.

Another great and sad in the same time find was the "Midnight Sun" draft, freely available on the same site. Great because that way I got to spend a little more time in the universe of Bella and Edward, sad because due to its illegal leaking all over the internet Stephenie decided to stop writing it, so it has only 12 chapters, telling the same story as the first book, only from Edward's POV.

Anyway, to end my long post, now i am done reading all the books the second time. Just because the first time i was such in a rush to learn more about the characters, so i didn't have time to understand every little aspect and word.

What do you think about the "Twilight" Saga? Have you read the book/seen the movie?

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