Thursday, December 11, 2008

eBay round two

Well, as I said, I think it partially because of my self-imposed ban on net-a-porter or because stopped shipping to Romania. Either way, I find myself browsing eBay on a daily base, and that is showing on the number of packages received lately.

Anyhow, inspired by the Stella Mccartney bracelet scored some weeks ago, i begun searching some other H&M designer collaborations as well, to see what i can find. To my luck, the beautiful Cavalli leather fringe jacket, that i couldn't even see at least at the lauch because it was gone in the first second after the doors opening, was there, waiting for me to do a simple bidding. Sadly, i have to wait spring to wear it, but smile every day when i see it in my closet. Also, to match my bracelet, i also found the chain purse Stella did for H&M.

Another buys: a very cheap jacket from M by Madonna for H&M collection, a pair of fur Olivia Morris shoes (you know, for the collection), a pair of Giles Deacon black&gold sandals and a top by Poltock&Walsh, the duo of hip young british designers fave of Kate Moss.

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carola said...

Those black studded shoes are amazing! great finds