Sunday, February 22, 2009

Deco obsessions: Log tables

Sorry for the lack of posting, but i was one week skiing in Solden (Austria), and the rest of the time was spent finishing my new apartment, which is my new obsession. Would you believe me if i told you that this week i was every day at Ikea? And that honestly i can think clothes right now, but only chairs, coffee tables, dressing rooms, curtains and matching colors? That's why i will keep you bored with my current deco obsessions.

Today obsession: log tables. I badly want one like those in my living room. But i can't find any way one that does not speak "rustic" to me, but rather interesting and original.

1 comment:

carola said...

Well, the fourth is not that rustic ;) You can try to find this design in a different colour, a polished black, let's say. That way, it would look more sophisticated.
I hope you'll be back soon! :)