Saturday, December 1, 2007

Romanian designers (II) Bucharest Fashion Week

The BFW ended, and i was there to report to you what i liked from all Romanian designers collections.

Dorin Negrau - "Safari" Collection
Nice structured collection, with simple tailored clothes, simplicity that reminds me of some of MJ collections; nice cute colors. My favorites:

the simple black dress, so stylish with contrasting white belt

black swimming suit - retro, but so chic

my kind of office gray simple dress

relaxed white top for a relaxed outfit

Ziodi (i have no idea actually were this shop is, but i have to do some search...cause i liked the collection presented)

the whitey lacey thing on top of the dress...classic dress, futuristic twist

Laura Olteanu & Mihai Albu wedding collection
I am not a big fan of Mihai Albu's shoes, but i got to admit that Laura's wedding dresses are amazing. The pieces presented now had some "wintery" feeling, with all that snowy silhouette, and embroidered snow flakes alikes...

After seeing this collection, if i would be a future bride now, i would probably pick Laura Olteanu to do my wedding dress... But since this is highly impossible, i will content myself with only Negrau's creations. And to find this mysterious Ziodi.


Tiffany Maldonado said...

I agree, the Dorin collection is great! Even with that funky makeup. The contrast between the shocking face and the feminine clothing was great!

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mari said...

I really like the photos you chose to post here. Specially Dorin Negrau's and Claudia Castrase's collection of the entry below.
It's great to know more about Romanian fashion, I'm glad I've found your blog! :)