Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spring 2008 ready-to-wear

The fall hasn't begun yet, but the designers already know what we will be craving for next spring.
As a result, i already know what i will be want to buy six months for now... So, what were my favorite looks from NY fashion week presentations?

The grey shades are a big MUST this fall, but it seems that grey will be also a very trendy color for next spring. Or so think big designers like Alexander Wang, Max Azria or Marc Jacobs.

Alexander Wang proposes a simple look, with oversized blazers over simple white t-shirts, with strong masculine influences.

Note to self: buy a pair of grey shorts while you can still find them in sales this fall. They will be great next spring.

Max Azria in his BCBG collection plays well with grey as well, presenting subtle shining, very flattering materials.

Note to self: must find that kind of wrap-around belt, like you can see in the first picture above.

And Marc Jacobs, the one designer who actually dictates the fashion in New York agrees with the others, incorporating a lot of grey in his collection.

And as we are already used, his runaway was the most original one, with Trompe l'oeil underwear and business suits with hip-high slits. Transparency was the key theme here, and Marc Jacobs showed us layered on the catwalk all the faces of a modern woman: she is a business woman, with sexy underwear underneath her rigid suit. And also she manages to run her house, and the big plastic gardening gloves are just the right amount of detailing to finish a modern woman outfit.

Note to self: great shoes. Will match perfectly an Escada pink skirt i bought this year.

A fresh air of spring was brought by Diane von Furstenberg, with bright colors on vacation-perfect, feminine, chic clothes. I like best the degrade dresses pictured bellow.

And because the DVF collection was one of my favorite ones from the entire NY Fashion Week, i will post 2 another outfits i like very much.

The eternal chic of the simple dresses presented by Oscar de la Renta is another key look for spring. In plain, but bright color, or with a simple, eye-catching design...hmm, perfect for business or for pleasure.

Ps: notice the subtle degradee on the second dress, on the right, similar to DVF. It might be a strong spring trend...

Last here, but not last on my thoughts, the feminine silhouettes that Michael Kors designed. Delicate colors like pink, green or yellow are the perfect ones for ultra-feminine style clothes. And the combination fresh green-bright pink might be my favorite one next spring.

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