Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Crazy shopping

Friday i went with some friends "factory shopping" in a town near Bucharest. Factory shopping means shopping from inside shops, that sell clothes at extremely low prices.
It was CRAZY!

My purchases:

2 tops*cream & blue top from Y*Me
*blue top from Marks and Spencer

1 dress
*red dress from Next

5 skirts
*1 pencil skirt black
*1 blue from H by Tommy Hilfiger
*1 cream from Tentazione
*2 cream from Etam

2 blazers/jackets
*1 navy jacket from H&M

*1 grey jacket from Warehouse

1 pair of pants
*1 DARK GREY PINSTRIPE pair of pants from Warehouse

2 vests
*1 black vest from H&M
*1 white vest from H&M

The total price: approx 50 euros :D

The skirts, dress and pants are great for office fall outfits. Also the blazer from Warehouse. The navy jacket from H&M is perfect to complete my navy look for this fall i blogged about a few days ago. The tops are just cute and funny. The blue one from Marks and Spencer would match heavenly a pair of Marc Jacobs sandals bought last year.
The vests are a close match for an Alessandro dell'Aqua look.


Anonymous said...

factory shopping near bucharest sounds just great. can u tell me some more specific details, pls?
or an email address to contact you. i couldnt find any on your blog.
pls, share the secret with us, other mortals :)

Dana said...

secret code: Focsani :) lots of factories there, crazy shopping every time :)