Saturday, September 8, 2007

Victoria's Secret Fall for Boots: 20% off selected boots

Victoria's Secret has a special offer this month, till September 23. Just enter BOOTS20 at checkout, and you will get a 20% discount on boots (excluding UGG and other promotional prices).

Several boots gave my the eye, and are quite good deals considering the offer:

From left to right: Report Tan Leather Cargo Boots - cuuute! $108 (already a promotional price); low-cut front quilted bootie from BCBGirls in black $139 -> $111; Diba sweater boots in off white $139 -> $111

After a long deliberation, i decided to order only the Report tan ones, although not included in the special offer. The booties from BCBGirls are still on hold for the moment (but i really like their quilted style, very trendy this fall)...

Since i decided to place an order, i browsed some more through the website, to see if there are some other things interesting :)

The final list consisted of:
* the above mentioned Report boots; by the way, which combination is better? Report boots + Chloe or Vuitton bag?

* Steve Madden peep-toe flats in black patent leather (i actually really-really needed a pair of black flats, and this pair is quite sexy and versatile)

* sculpted ring from Tori Spelling; bold and interesting design

* UGG Cell phone holder - super cuuuute! (to show you that i am completely honest about my shopping, this thing here was the last thing i needed :), but the cutest thing ever )

* Fragments resin bangle in black and gold, for my reconstruction of my favorite Chanel look

* Pink dog tag, for my dog Yuki, the trendiest dog ever :)


Celeritas said...

The Chloe bag would go better than the LV with those boots.

Anonymous said...

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