Friday, February 1, 2008

2008 fashion resolutions

Yes, i know, it is a little bit to late to make them, but hey, better late than never!

1. I shall not buy anymore impulsive clothes from highstreet stores! Yes, that Mango top was awfully cheap in an outlet store, but unless i really need it, or really liked it (ie the dream top), highstreet merchandise have this strange quality to look awfully in any combination after less than 6 months.
2. When buying anything, think if i have something to match it at home. A pair of trousers that will need new shirt, shoes, bag and jacket to look good it is not a bargain!
3. Focus more on quality items, from designer brands. Instead of 3 zara tops i can end up with a Diane von Furstenberg dress!
4. More ebay, less! :) It is cheaper this way :) (sure items come in such a classy black paper...)
5. Focus on interesting, original shoes. Forget your everyday simple black/white/cream shoes.
6. Try new color/outfits combinations. You never know!
7. Always, but ALWAYS, make a list before shopping! Oh ya! Stick by it!
8. When i really like an item, even it is only somehow affordable, i will buy it! I can stand clothes that i missed, but still glued to my brain!

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