Thursday, July 19, 2007

Murrina, a pendant with tradition

While in Venice this weekend i looked everywhere for different models of murrina, this little, round pendant, made in Murano glass, with a circle of metal around it.

Everywhere i look i could find nice murrina pendants, but only in silver. But insistent as i am, finally i found the perfect one, in yellow gold, 1.5cm height. The design was chosen by my husband, a lovely mixture of blue and pink concentric daisies. Actually, the murrina come in different sizes and designs. From the classical harlequin (every daisy has it's own vivid color), to so-called bouquet (like my own), or to more complex designs like trees, you have a very wide selection to choose from.

I am wearing my murrina for 4 days now, i find it quite versatile. It looks great with office clothes (it sweets them a little), but also matches some romantic dresses for going out. I didn't try it yet with blue jeans (considering the 40 degrees Celsius from Bucharest), but with the right top it can look just right around the neck.

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