Thursday, July 19, 2007

Outfit for today: 1 year anniversary

For my 1 year marriage anniversary, we were in Venice, staying at the famous Danieli Hotel, and we celebrated the occasion with a fancy dinner at La Terazza Restaurant, on the roof of the hotel.

I took with me 2 different dresses for this occasion. One was beneath the knee long, in tones of emerald and gold, and the other one was a short, black and white print from Zara (a last moment add to my luggage). Just before the dinner i decided to go with the second choice, so my outfit looks like this:

* Zara Butterfly black and white dress (pictured bellow)

* Dior Gambler high heels slides in black (pictured the shoe version of my gambler slides)

I found a cute drawing on Zara's website, with the same outfit:

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SherryBerry said...

hiii am sorry i know this might sound rude but i have been looking for this dress for there any chance you will be willing to sell it? the butterfly dress from zara?
let me know
[email protected]