Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Christian Lacroix for La Redoute

"Window" shopping online the other night, i came across an interesting news on La Redoute french website: for this autumn Christian Lacroix is invited to make a limited collection.

The collection contains clothes, as well as furniture and accessories. It is made in an interesting, very trendy style, combining baroque influences with a modern touch. The main colors are plain black, red and mauve. The stylised flower patterns are everywhere, on bed sheets, chairs or funky mirrors.

I love this lamp, in strong, geometric lines and a vibrant red color. Simply eye-catching!

Now, what i would had bought (if La Redoute would send this collection in particular outside France) are those 2 items bellow:

The Feria tote, in black, with an interesting design on the front

The Sevillane de CHRISTIAN LACROIX dress, available in black/black or black with cream details, at 150€

Another thing i liked about this collection is their exclusive presentation website,, extremely well done, entirely in Flash.

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