Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beauty Review: Sunslim from Lancaster

When at home, i like to have 10 different lotions, every one of them special for one problem or one part of my body. But when it comes to packing for Holiday, i am very happy to have 2 in 1 kind of beauty products.

So i was extremely pleased when i came across the new line from Lancaster, Sunslim. It is an innovative shaping and tanning 3-Step programme for before, during and after the sun. The first lotion is for before exposure to sun. You can use it before going in holiday for 1-2-3 weeks, and your body not only will have the best slim shape, but also will be prepared for the sun. Then, when you finally hit the beach, you arrive at Step 2. Here Lancaster offers 2 products, 8 SPF or 15 SPF. So when you apply the sun filter, you also apply anti-cellulite creme. Cool, huh?

Finally, Step 3 is for after holiday, when you are all tanned and you want to preserve that look as much as possible. The lotion for this step prolongs tanning and shaping results.

For me, i bought step 1 & 3. Three weeks before going to Curacao for my holiday i applied everyday step 1 lotion, and now, after returning, i use the step 3 one.
Although i wanted to buy also step 2 (for going at the beach), my skin is rather sensitive to sun, and i use special SPF lotion anti solar allergies.

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