Monday, July 2, 2007

White for this summer

I've always envied those women daring enough to wear an all-white outfit. It always seems to me that the minute i will go through the door into the world, something is bound to happen to my whitey outfit, no matter how careful i am.

This doesn't mean that i don't like or don't wear this colour! On the contrary, all summer long i combine different white items with other colors. It's something about non-colors, always in fashion, and always adaptable to every situation.

Last year in top for me was white + turquoise or blue marine. This summer, my dearest combinations: white + pale pink and white + lemon yellow.

Always in search for nice white clothes that i can mix and match with other items in my wardrobe, look what i could find online:

Sexy white top from Morgan, great to show your tanned skin!

Paul and Joe Sister skinny (white, of course) jeans. Notice how cute they look with that pair of silver ballerinas (i just bought a similar one from Duesseldorf, so i must also have some white jeans to match it)

Lily Pulitzer eyelet strapless dress (eyelet is another big trend this summer, so this really is a very IN dress right now)

Cute one from March Jacobs...

Not exactly my style, but wedges are very hot this summer. This pair from Fendi has a small kitten heel, so in my opinion is something different from the regular, classic wedges.

How do you like to wear white?

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