Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fur coats: hot or not?!

Yes, i know what you are thinking: why the hell i felt the need to talk about fur coats when it is this hot outside??
Well, the reason is that aprox 2 weeks ago i was invited to a fashion show celebrating the launching of a new fur store in Bucharest. Why in July? I have no idea... but poor models, to be dressed in those heavy fur coats at this temperatures...

Anyway, that was not the idea of this post... I never really liked fur coats, and never had one in my life. At this show (Florence Mode) they presented different kinds of fur coats, and, to my surprise, some of them seemed quite interesting.

Let me show you some models from the show:

I don't especialy fancy those long fur coats, although i think the leather belt over the waist is a chic detail, for a very glamorous look. Unfortunately for me, this look is only for thin, tall woman, that's why, as said before, i am not into it.

I really don't like this parka/fur coat/ski jacket style. I mean, for me, a coat is elegant or sporty, you can't have both and still look chic... Or am i wrong?

And now some styles i could see myself wearing (of course, if i would be willing to pay between 4000 and 15000 euros for such a coat).

Those short coats are nice and chic. Quite elegant, but keeping the fun and youth alive :). Again, i find the leather belt over fur detail extremely glomorous.

Another thing i liked - the fur cape:

And for the last comments: the spots. Do you like them? I find the spotted fur coats rather kitchy, and not at all elegant as intended.

And now some questions for you? Do you like/own fur coats? What style? How do you wear them?

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