Thursday, July 5, 2007

Paris Couture fall 2007 featured all the major collection from this week fashion shows in Paris. Dior, Givenchy, Ellie Saab, etc, all had impressive shows, for a very sophisticated audience.

My favorite 2 collections were Armani prive and Chanel. Although haute-couture, both presented also some very nice, wearable outfits, both for day and night.

Mister Karl Lagerfeld was loyal to Chanel's tailored trademark outfits, with elegant, feminine blazers. I especially loved the white blazer so nicely completed by a black skirt, and also the one bellow, in that dark red tone. I would keep the sunglasses and the thick scarf, and maybe also the hat, but definitely get rid of that thing around the head (a constant in this year Chanel show).

Another outfit that "touched my sense of style" is this dress-coat, with fur endings. I think it captures this next season trend in a very couture way.

Speaking about wearable on the street outfits, Armani had 2 that simply are beautiful, extremely glamorous and very flattering!

The blue-grey one is unbelievable stylish, and from the pink one, a little bit bold to be worn on day time, i felt in love with the shoes.

Turning to the evening section, Armani and Chanel both had extremely fabulous gowns. From Armani, my favorite is a one-shoulder silver and red combination, very nice matched by a pair of red shoes and clutch.

Bellow are other 2 dresses that caught my eye, not so interesting as the first one, but very sexy and very Armani.

The last dress from Armani Prive collection that i will feature on this blog is a fantastic black with sparkling details dress, that i liked instantly, but somehow i don't find it very wearable at a normal evening event.

Other evening gowns i enjoyed watching (in pictures only sadly):

From Chanel i liked the metallic long dress, in a very interesting material. Also, a very nice one is the black one; the gloves are simply dreaming, and i find the way they match the collar irresistible.

As somehow expected, i didn't like the Dior presentation as much as i liked Armani or Chanel. The outfits are way to exaggerate for my taste (yes, i know it is haute couture we are talking about, but a clown's outfit? who would wear such a thing?) But among the eighteen century dresses and the circus outfits, i managed to find an evening gown that really shows the Dior style. It is a simple white dress, with an interesting rose flower on the waist, that gives the viewer the impression of a painting.

The blue dress, although reinterprets a very used by now one-shoulder routine, i considered worth to be posted here because of it's elegant blue degrade and fluid aqua-like look.

Lacroix has way to complicated and complex outfits for my taste, i mean so many colors and details and materials and etc, in only one outfit, kinda confuse me...
See for yourself an example (and one of the better and simpler ones):

And also, maybe because of the makeup, the entire show gives me a creepy feeling, like it is part of a sophisticated horror movie...

Givenchy didn't make a strong impression on me, the collection was nice, with somehow "silent" colors (like pale pink); the animal prints were a constant.

Gaultier prepared for this occasion a very masculine collection, with military influence. And Indian influence was also noticeable.

As for Ellie Saab, the last not covered in this post, his collection contained some very chic evening gowns (and only that), as we could easily expected from him. But although incredibly nice, and, i am sure, very flattering for a woman's body, the dresses had the air of catalog, missing that very special thing that distinguished couture from normal clothes. The main color used was silver, with some black touches for good measure.

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i totally agree with your fashion sense. good job!