Saturday, July 28, 2007

Matthew Williamson collection on sale

Why, oh why! have i been so stupid to buy so many on sale items to the point of bankrupt myself (well, not yet, but still, with 2 sale periods - one in Duesseldorf and one back home in Bucharest, you can imagine) and completely forgot about the fact that Matthew Williamson's collection is also on sale? Why, i ask myself again?

And, oh! so many beautiful, gorgeous things it contains... The chic embroided black cardigan, the deco beaded silk top, the delicious spectrum sequined top (my favorite, maybe i will make an effort and buy this one, my wallet will forgive me :), the beautiful gold diamond bangle...and many, many other great clothes and accessories! Ahh!

For those of you that can still afford some more designer sale shopping, hurry up, some items already have some discontinued sizes.

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