Monday, July 30, 2007

Slogan tees

Having a slogan t-shirt in your wardobe is something similar to a must i am sure. Whether is a nice slogan similar to your personality, a funny gift from a friend or a witty sex and the city t-shirt showing the world what kind of a girl you are, those items are nice additions, and make great weekend outfits.

I also personally like those vintage looking slogan t-shirts, like this nice, orange one from Juicy Couture, that looks great with a pair of washed jeans or with white shorts.

But from here to this craziness slogan mania i see everywhere...well, there is a long way, just outside chic and style area. Yesterday i entered Zara, and i was almost blinded by the multitude of colorful slogans everywhere. If the t-shirts barring sayings like "Good at being bad" or "Bad at becoming good" were only in the TRF area of the store (Zara's sport line) maybe i would understand (and carrefully go somewhere else in the store). But even in the elegant section, were usually smart dresses and coats are displayes i could see some slogans hanged here and there...Ugh!

The slogan craziness seems to be launched by House of Holland, that basically does lots of different slogan t-shirts and recently entered a fame moment, something to do with Vogue promoting its clothes.

But come on: yellow t-shirt with pink cheesy slogan? Does this really has something, even remotely, to do with style?

Would you wear a "Love me some Lohan", or even better "Cum again Christopher Kane", pink or yellow t-shirt?