Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bally shoes MANIA!

Bally & Co is a Swiss-born shoe-designing company, who begun production around 1850, and quickly expanded after that, with branches in Buenos Aires, Geneva or Paris. In 1880, the Bally shoes already stand for luxury, thanks to their excellent finish, quality of the material and refined decoration. Nothing can stop Bally's evolution, the company constantly grows, reaching more and more markets. By 1970, handbags and other leather accessories are added to the product range. In 2000, the company celebrated it's 150Th birthday.

It even exists a Bally Shoe Museum, that holds one of the largest collections of its kind in the world, due to Bally's family love for shoes.

I wanted to tell you all about Bally's history, to help you to better understand why i love love love Bally shoes. They have quite classic models, but with a very trendy touch, in beautiful leather tones. Every shoe is perfect, with perfect little eye-catching details. Besides their good-looks, they are extremely comfortable. Bally shoes are the only high heels that i walk in all day, for 9 o'clock in the morning, till 12 at night, and not to feel my feet hurt at all.

Right now my collection has about 6 items in it: a pair of boots (very proud of that purchase), a pair of pale pink shoes that I've been wearing almost all the time, a pair of white sandals (bought for my civil marriage outfit, but worn with a dozen of other clothes since then), a pair of sporty shoes in brown, and the 2 new additions: a pair of brown high heels pumps, with a nice leather flower in front, and a pair of very elegant black sling backs.

From their new collection i like the black patent pumps (featured below), and i lust over the pair of caramel color, calfskin boots.

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