Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shopping report: Sales in Duesseldorf

I am in Duesseldorf, Germany for this week, and although the weather is playing tricks on me (14 degrees Celsius here, and i come from a week in Caraibe and a torrid 40 degrees day in Romania, so imagine my surprise, and, of course, my summery wardrobe) i managed to get in town for visiting some stores.

For my pleasure, it seems that till 29 of June is sale time everywhere, so i did some good shopping, not quite heavy though, meaning i stayed away from the big brands, and go only for medium price stores (got to watch my wallet, after a week of exotic holiday, and before a Venice trip planned next week)!

I especially like one pink t-shirt from Anastacia by sOliver, i liked it from Romania, but never really decided in buying it, but at 9 euros it was a sure deal. And to my pleasure, Mango had at sales the collection made for them by the duo Jojovich-Hawk, and i immediately noticed a cute brown silk dress, halfway to my knee, and with large bell sleeves.

The only picture i could find on Internet, posted above, does not give enough credit to the dress. On me it's simply gorgeous, and it is tailored like you can wear it evening and also day time, with the right accessories.

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