Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alexander McQueen's suitcases

I read a while ago in Elle about the "Black Label" luggage collection the fashion guru Alexander McQueen designed for Samsonite, and i went to see it in person yesterday at a store here in Duesseldorf.

Although not your ordinary old Samsonite case, the 350euro+ suitcases kinda remind me off a Halloween costume/decoration. And imagine that ghostly white after a trip with the plane. Eh?

The designer declared upon launching that his inspiration where the super-skinny top models (hence the visible ribs), so i think that every top model can accessorizes her self to her travelling luggage.

What do you think about McQueens's suitcases? Hot or not?

And speaking of Alexander McQueen, what do you think about his ready-to-wear moderate price line McQ. I find it a little bit to simple, i'd somehow expected more from this inventive designer...

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