Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Escada, my love

If i ever have to stuck with only one designer brand, i think i will definitely choose Escada. I love every single clothe they make (although i am not so crazy about the way their pants fit). But other that that, i absolutely love their simple, yet stylish approach to every trend, each year.

Their clothes are feminine, classy, with that always stylish elegance, that can't be attached to only one year trends, but is always in fashion.

I also like to way that Escada uses pink in all it's collection, so the clothes are fun and feminine, exactly my taste.

Escada Sport has a line of extremely nice t-shirts and tops, that basically go with every kind of casual outfit. Each season i buy 2 or 3 t-shirts from Escada Sport, and i am sure that they will be the key pieces for my wardrobe for some time. As you can see bellow, for next fall Escada Sport has an interesting casual collection, combining colours like brown and red, for a sophisticated, yet easy look.

If we talk about dresses, I think that Escada has always stunning evening dresses (although kind of pricey). Last year i was totally in love with a gold evening dress, but it was about 2000 euros, so i just lust after it :) (i saw the same dress at an outlet yesterday - first picture bellow, and it was about 1000 euros now, but still kind of expensive...and, fortunately for my wallet, not my size either).

Evening dresses from 2007 pre-fall collection

I also love their shoes and bags. One of my best buys ever is an Escada beach bag from 2 years ago, a very good deal from 400 down to 100 euros (lucky me :) ), that is still my favorite for summer holidays beach days.

As i mentioned before in this post, yesterday i was to at the designer outlet near Wien (my favorite shopping mall ever) that has an Escada store (with selections from both Escada Couture and Escada Sport discounted clothes). I bought a nice yellow (remember, yellow bag obsession?) t-shirt and a pink top at very reasonable prices. But the real trophy was a pink silk Escada Couture evening top, from a huge 849 euros retail price, down to as little as 49 euros (as hard to believe, it is true!!). It was the last remaining piece, and, my luck, it was a perfect fit size 36!!

I also added yet another pink leather keyring to my extended collection of such items (i don't actually use them as key rings, i just like to play with them, hanging on different bags for interesting effects).

I saw also a nice pink gold chain leather belt at 49 euros, but i somehow hesitated in buying it (i already have a similar one in white from Aldo), but now the gold chain leather belt obsession is back :). When i will go back to Romania next week, i think i will pay another visit to outlet, and buy that belt so i can peace my mind :)


Shelly Roberts said...

Dana, I'm an American working in Bucharest, and looking to find the Escada outlet you wrote about. Also any other designer outlet. As long as I'm here, as you suggest, it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to acquire some of my favorite designers, right here where they are being made. Can you tell me where this outlet is, or who some of the fabricators are so that I can enjoy some of their sales too. Love the blog. Keep up the good work. My email address is shellyr@gmail and you can read about my own adventures as an expat at http://onthebloc.blogspot.com. Thank you so much, in advance. I've been looking a long time for the information that I hope you can send.
Shelly Roberts - ExPat - Bucuresti

Dana said...


The Escada outlet is actually near Wien. I mention it a lot because i travel a lot to Germany by car for business, so i have the chance to visit the outlet :)

A good place for clothes factories is the town of Focsani (aprox 200 km from Bucharest). There are a lot of factories there, that do a lot of work for main retailers like H&M , Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Taylor etc.

Also several times a year there are some textile fairs held in towns like Bucharest, Mamaia or Sinaia, where all the factories in Romania (and not only Romania, also from our neighbours) come to sell the extra production. You can find great deals there, you just have to search around, because there also a lot of ugly clothes for sale. Just watch the newspapers/online to see when another fair will be held.

If you have any other questions, i am here :)