Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shopping report: Curacao

I posted a week or so ago my shopping plan for Curacao. Well, i am happy to report that most of it was accomplished, with some several extras added on the way.

The only thing i could not find was a Curacao lighter, and i search every where, i mean in every street shop, in hotels shops, at the airport. Instead, my husband went with a nice iguana-ash tree.

Except from that, i marked almost every item on my list: i bought a nice ostrich egg from the ostrich farm, and, by miracle, i was able to return with it in one piece, an African emerald green bangle (a nice addition to my collection) and some fridge magnets with iguanas (very popular on the island). Blue (and some other nice colors too) Curacao liqueur for my friends and family and also some traditional Caribbean rum cake which i bought from an airport shop.

For the beauty part of the list, i bought some Aloe Vera products (soaps and insect repellent) made in Curacao.

My art-self feels also accomplished, considering that i bought 3 (pretty expensive) colorful paintings by local artists, one being a present for my mother birthday and the other 2 for our apartment (we are renovating right now our new apartment, so these days i am always looking for stuff for decorating it). One of the paintings is a tempera made by Jean Girigori (http://www.jeangirigori.com/), and the others are aqua colors by a local artist named Coby.

I was somehow not in the mood for clothes shopping, although i found some really nice shops, like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess or Calvin Klein, with very good prices. The only cloth-item i picked was a last minute, airport shopping, nice Curacao orange t-shirt for my husband, with the text "Curacao - Dutch Caribbean" accompanying a lion and an iguana on the back.

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