Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beauty review: Frederik Fekkai hair products

For a long time i was desperate about the way my hair looks. Even though i use to go at the hair dresser quite frequently (approx once a week), and there i receive a good treatment (l'Oreal Professional shampoo, conditioner and mask), i was not happy with the tern, frizzy feeling of my hair. It didn't shine (except the week after colouring it - i am natural brown, but inside i am a red-head, so i prefer dark, rich red) and some weeks ago i decided i really need a major hair repair.

That's why i started researching about hair products, comparing reviews, to see whats the best for damaged hair. At Sephora i came across Frederik Fekkai hair products line, and immediately know that's what i was looking for. The fact that I was reading very good reviews of those "state-of-the-art" (as mention on their website) styling products, plus the list of famous clients of Frederik Fekkai himself (including Liv Tyler, Kim Basinger, etc) convince me.

For a start, i bought the Texturing Balm, along with a protein spray, for instant reinvigorating. After i wash my hair, i spray a couple of puffs of proteins into my still wet hair, and then, i towel-dry it for a couple of minutes. Then, i put a little bit of the "magic" balm into my hands, and run the fingers through my still wet hair.

The result, i must tell you, it's quite nice! My hair lost it's tern look, recovering it's silky textures and good shine. The fact that those two products worked so well made me want to try some more of Frederik Fekkai's magic. I'm thinking about some shampoo (to cheat my loyal Head & Shoulders) and a Finishing Polish, for brilliant hair.

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