Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fashionable laptops

I just bought (actualy received it as a gift from my husband) my very first Mac. It is a cute white and small MacBook 13'', and i am very excited about it.

A Mac is a fashion statement itself (remember Sex and the City?), but i wanted to give my Mac special attention, so i begun searching the net for the perfect stylish bag for it.

Luckly, very soon i came across, and decided this is it. They have really cool laptop bags, in different sizes, to fit different brands of computers. Their "slim" line of bags is very stylish, and comes in different fabrics, suitable for every taste.

Among all the posibilities, i liked best the slim bag in the bloom white textile

but unfortunatly it was not in stock, so i bought the chocolate version:

After carefully consideration, i also ordered a neoprene sleeve from, to protect my laptop in any circumstance.

I am very happy with my choices, and can't wait to arrive to me :)

Searching for the perfect laptop bag for me, i also came acros Zegari - Designer Laptop Cases ( Now, the leather Barcelona Bag is THE laptop bag for my husband's Acer Ferrari, and also a perfect gift for his birthday. Fair is fair: he bought me a computer, i buy him a computer bag. Right?

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