Saturday, June 2, 2007

Anastacia by s.Oliver

I must confess: i never really liked s.Oliver stores. I found them a little too sporty, and i always thought that their clothes are for teenagers / high school girls & boys. Well, that's till i discovered their new collection, made in collaboration with world star Anastacia: "Anastacia by s.Oliver".

It contains sexy, feminine styles, reflecting Anastacia's personal style: easy-going jeans fashion and extravagant styles, from party outfit to rocking T-shirt.

This season, the main colour of the line is white: pure white under-the-knee skirts with white blazers and tops. The other colours are forrest green and navy blue. I especially liked the white jeans, but i didn't had the time to try them on, to see how they fit (i have a real ritual before trying out jeans, especially the skinny type jeans like those here: never after meals, preferably on empty stomach :) )

But i did find a perfect white skirt, with navy dots on the thin white satin belt. I also bought an all-white top to go with it (shown bellow).

I plan to wear them both with a pair of white Dior flats i bought 2 years ago and with my Guess patent orange clutch from Victoria's Secret (

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