Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6ixty 8ight lingerie

Speaking about lingerie, right now i am totally addicted to 6ixty 8ight bras. When it comes to bras, i overcame many phases during the years: i was a La Perle fan (pretty hurting my wallet) and an Sarrieri (famous Romanian lingerie brand) faithful customer.
But last year, while in Germany, i came across 6ixty 8ight lingerie, and totally felt for it.

As their slogan says, they are a "ready-to-wear" lingerie brand, with a rather different concept: every month they offer new products, inspired by the current fashion trends, in many different shapes that suits every body form and taste.

The trend for this month collection is marine with navy & white stripes, plain blue or white bras and matching knickers. Like every month, the collection has 2 main colors: navy blue and white, which come just right after May's strong contrast between red and white, April's calm indigo blue & vanilla combination and March's ultra feminine rose and light blue.

The 2 main colors are combined in different prints, providing another strong link to ready-to-wear trends. Some embroided pieces are available, with discreet details with an extremely sexy and feminine. Several shapes are offered, from t-shirt bra to push-up and balconet. I pref fer for my self the balconet t-shirt bra, which i think it's the most comfortable shape a bra can have. But of course, the choice is yours, and every shape has it's advantages.

I allowed myself to indulge in several bras (4 actually), a push-up navy & white stripes, a plain blue balcony and 2 more from last month red & white theme (they were on sale!)

Learn more about them visiting their website: http://www.6ixty8ight.com/

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