Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Cruz sister, designing for Mango

Today, as leaving a Mango store in Dusseldorf, i noticed a big sign in the window, saying: "Soon Penelope & Monica Cruz collection". So it seems that apart from being next collection image, the Cruz sisters are also into designing (well, the younger one, Monica, has already a line of handbags).

Searching more on the subject online, i learn that the collection is supposed to have around 25 pieces, including top, jackets, trousers and accessories. I could not find when it will be in stores. Do you know anything about it? What do you think the collection will be? I picture bright, happy color clothes, maybe with tones of red or purple.

Well, is seems to me that now-a-days, the celebrities take their role as fashion icons in serious, and are decided to give us not just good example, but also clothes to rely on. Madonna prepared as for office time, while Kate Moss designed a more casual collection. With Kylie clothes, thanks to H&M, we can go at the beach, and for more formal events we always can rely on the 10 dresses Milla did for Mango.

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