Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pure lust: gold chain leather belts

Although i have a very large collection of belts back home, all sizes and colours, i found myself wanting badly a gold chain white leather belt. I am not sure yet what outfits will be best to match with this kind of quite extravagant (for my way of dressing) belt, but i simply must have one.

My fav would be the Miu Miu white skinny patent leather and gold chain belt available on

An affordable version is available at Aldo (, and now i am in a hard dilemma, regarding which direction to go: the prime-designer expensive belt from Miu Miu, or it's cheap copy (although still leather, i hate those plastic leather-looking belts) from Aldo.

In the same trend, i also found this cute vintage Chanel belt on ebay, but, although it looks nice, i think it is just to much gold for me.

A slight different style, but still very in trend right now, is the chic and functional brown leather gold chain Prada belt, ideal for daily use:

So, two questions for you: what kind of clothes work best with those belts, and which one should i choose, Aldo or Miu Miu?

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