Saturday, June 2, 2007

5 things about my personal style

1 I loooove pink
Yes, i know fashion magazines always say that pink clothes are tacky. Yes, i know that stylists want us to believe that pink is always a non-fashion colour. But the truth is that we can always see very nice pink clothes in stores. And it is such a feminine-childish colour. And it's fun to wear pink. And it's so cute :)
And i really love it!

2 I am kind of a retro girl
I like retro styles. I adored Liz Taylor's clothes in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

I've always liked 50s and 60s ultra-feminine, glamorous looks so you can imagine that I'm very glad those silhouettes are back in style.

3 High heels
Last year, before my wedding, i worked very hard on a "training program" to get my feet used to high heels. So every day, working, shopping or just walking the dog, i forced myself to wear heels. That was extremely necessary, because in order to look good in my wedding dress, i needed to be able to wear heels, and i needed to feel comfortable in them for hours, and hours.
Before that, my feet were extremely lazy, and used to stay all day in comfy flats. Not anymore! I am proud to announce that NOW i can wear all day high 10cm heels, and feel OK :) Happy me!

4 I don't throw away many clothes
You know how every change of season you read in magazines that you are supposed to throw away clothes not worn last year, because it is probably you will never wore them again? Well, i don't believe in this! Really, i don't throw away a piece of clothes only because last year nothing in my wardrobe match it...
For example: my mom bought me 3 years ago a beautiful pair of gold slides. I mean gorgeous!
But nothing in my closet seemed to go with them... until now! About a month ago i bought this nice and cute little dress from Jojovich-Hawk for Mango (limited edition).
An instant perfect match! And now i proudly wear all over town my (still new) gorgeous gold slides (and who would thought: gold is a hit this summer :) ).

5 Different styles
I am not a one style kind of girl. I love to try different styles, to experiment different kind of clothes. One day i can be all sporty, with a pink jacket and jeans, and next day a real business woman, suit and all.

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