Monday, September 22, 2008


I've never bought platforms so high before, because I thought that this kind of shoes is not comfy at all. But at the beginning of this year's sale from those Fendis caught my eye... They seem to me sort of like fall sandals, so I didn't wear them through out the summer. But this morning I decided to give a try to walking on platforms, and, to my surprise, they are quite comfortable.

* Roberto Cavalli for H&M black skinny jeans
* Fendi platform sandals in black suede
* Rick Owens Lillies top
* debranded blazer bought from a factory in Romania
* scarf Esprit


Ivelina FriChic said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog, hope you will be a regular :)
Seems like you are a travel-shop-maniac yourself :)

You wanted to know more about my mailbox in the USA... it is actually a company that holds some office space in Houston and offers mail forwarding. They assign you their office address with individual office/suite/ap./etc. number that you then use to ship all your things to. You can monitor what had arrived in your mailbox and give instructions on what, how, where, etc. to ship. You can check them at

Dana said...

Thanks for the infos :) I will check them for sure :)