Friday, September 26, 2008

Already wearing boots!

It is heavy fall already and freezying cold here in Bucharest, but i live for next weekend, when we are celebrating 8 years in Egypt :).

* Penelope & Monica Cruz brown boots for Mango
* nectar colored skinny jeans, Ziggo
* Fashion Against Aids grey t-shirt from H&M(the "Love" one, designed by the Cardigans)
* Exte jacket
* Coccinelle bag
* Esprit scarf


Ivelina FriChic said...

Weather is terrible on the Balkans, isn't it :(

You have a great jacket, however, very suitable for all this rain.... hope to buy something similar.

Dana said...

Yup, the weather is horrible indeed.

Ah! The jacket is one of my best buys ever! I bought it in Duesseldorf (the best shopping destination), from a small designer outlet, 4 years ago. It is my favorite jacket still.