Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back-to-school in pink

Probably because my back-to-school times are way over, and now there is a constant go-to-work mode, i never really looked closely to the Pink by Victoria's Secret line of goods.

Sure, once i bought a PINK t-shirt that i considered perfect for walking Yuki in the park because it was pink and had a dog on it and also a shopping tote (because it was pink and had a dog on it), but that was it. But a few days ago, ill with a nasty cold and bored about all the other sites i usually visit, and after i finished looking for nectar color clothes on the other sections of Victoria's Secret, i was lured to the PINK part of the site. To my surprise the clothes are more elaborated then i remember them and i can see a lot more then shorts/sweat pants and hoodies around there.

The oxford shirt is classic with a twist, and i really like the stripes on collar an cuff. I even like the logo on bottom trim, and i find it perfect for those casual with no meeting days at work, when i just have to keep the appearance of office clothes, and play with the outfits all the way that i like.

Then there is this monogram dress, cute in a preppy goes dressy kind of way. Too bad is already fall here in Bucharest, but hey!, summer will come again next year. Till then i can wear this dress with a shirt under it.

But my favorite piece from this line must be the prep blazer in blue navy, with stripes on one hand and patch on front pocket. This one i would wear with crispy white shirts and dark jeans skirts. Too bad that for now it is out of stock on website.

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