Friday, September 12, 2008

Art by H&M

Remeber the cute dolls Anna Fredriksson and others designed back in April for H&M? I love very much those t-shirts, and i wear them every time i have a chance, so when i heard H&M released a new similar collection this autumn, i rushed at a Divided H&M the minute i could (meaning the minute i arrived at a H&M-friendly country).

This time, tanks were switched with sweatshirts, but somehow i liked it a little less then the last one (when i think i bought all the pieces). Even so, i ended up with 4 t-shirts, 3 whites and one gray. My favorite one is the one with the cute little french bulldog, but i fancy as well the zebra one, as i see it perfect for under my zebra Chiemsee ski suit next winter.

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