Monday, September 1, 2008

Posh motorcycle jackets

My biggest spend in London was a black leather motorcycle jacket from Karen Millen. I wanted for a very long time a motorcycle jacket in leather, because I find them very chic to wear with long trousers or pencil skirts and definitely pumps!

Although I preferred a classic black, this season you can find many other colors available for the motorcycle style jacket, so you can chose whatever color suits best your style & wardrobe.

(1) Camel color - A posh upgrade of the classical motorcycle jacket,
(2) Classical black - Karen Millen soft leather motorcycle jacket,
(3) Fierce red - 3.1 Phillip Lim leather motorcycle jacket,

How to wear a motorcycle jacket? If you are not an angry rocker girl, you definitely want to wear such a piece with something other than Metallica t-shirts. If you go for a posh version, such as the camel jacket above, match it with jeans, pumps and a light sweater for a super comfy and trendy look. If you prefer black (like me), then combine the motorcycle jacket with above-the-knee pencil skirts, black tights and killer heels for a very stylish look. At last, if you go for red, like the Phillip Lim one, then keep your other items simple (for example black), but choose an interesting dress to match the originality of the color.


leather skirts said...

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Motorcycle Jackets said...

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