Friday, September 12, 2008

Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango - launched today

Today i had half an hour to kill before meeting my hb to go to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", a movie that turned out to be a huge dissapointment, so i decided to enter Mango to check what's new. To my surprise, what's new was the new Penelope & Monica Cruz fall collection for the spanish retailer chain that hitted the racks today. The collection is also available online, at, and i must say i am impressed.

I liked the other collections as well, as i bought some great classics shirts and jeans, but this one is even greater. I tried a lot of the clothes, and i finally decide on 2 dresses and one shirt.

The first one is the Cherish dress, with the fan motive i liked so much from the first photos published on Then, the Obsession dress turned out to be a real obsession, cause i like it's forrest color and it's interesting sleeveless cut and cute front pockets. Although sleeveless, i think it will make a great office dress, layered over a crispy white shirt. At last, the Ines shirt, in an off white color, was the last thing on my shopping bag.

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