Friday, November 9, 2007

Cavalli for H&M

Yesterday was the long-awaited launch day for the Cavalli capsule collection for H&M. Did i say launch day? Make it better 15-minutes launch, because that is exactly what it took the collection to stock out.

I waited in the crowd in front of the closed doors for about 15 minutes, while the sales ladies inside took pictures of the growing mass of people. When it was finally 10 o'clock, and the doors opened, the hell begun all of the sudden.

People were literally fighting over dresses and coats! In the man department the things were a little bit slowly, but when the women's clothes sold out, desperate women started to try man shirts and t-shirts in an effort to buy at least one Cavalli item.

As for the collection it self, i for one liked it. It contains several dresses as you of course well know for now, dresses that i didn't manage to see or touch, because they were out of the racks in seconds after opening. I did ended up with on dress though, but not those glamorous ones in gold, but a simple, almost beach dress in zebra print, but i am very proud of it.

In general the quality was good. I really like the trench coat, as i was lucky enough to get one of them, and in my size too! The jeans were also ok, nothing spectacular there, one straight cut and one skinny, and a more daring pair in animal print.

For the man collection, the suits were really nice tailored, and the trench coat amazing. The shoes were not that interesting, as they were the last pieces to sell.
Some shirt (ok) and some t-shirts not that ok (more the pimp style, not that wearable).

Shopping report (for me)
- the black trench coat (love it, love it, love it)
- 3 pair of jeans: blue straight, black skinny, animal print
- 1 white shirt with animal print
- 1 zebra print dress
- undies and bras (animal print)
- 1 bracelet
- black suit

(my husband - he liked the collection as well)
- 1 suit
- 1 trench coat
- 1 black skinny neck tie
- 2 shirts, one black and one white
- 1 pair of jeans

The total: over 1000 euros, but it was fun, i like the clothes, so i think it was worthed it!

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