Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shopping plan: Trip to Dusseldorf

As i always do, considering i am leaving tomorrow for Dusseldorf, here is the shopping plan for the next week.

Shops to be visited:

* H&M (for Cavalli launch, of course, the highlight of the trip, but also several other gems wait there to be find)
* Vuitton store (one Speedy-ssippi, two Speedy-ssippi...hmm, i am really tempted by a Damier Speedy)
* COS (the pricier, but not that much, brother of H&M, for some basic items, they are really good to simple, yet very ok tops)
* Gucci (to check some suede camel ankle boots i saw online)
* Peek & Clopenburg (huge departement store, where to begin: D&G, Donna Karan, a lot of jeans, man clothes, etc, etc)
* Mango (to look for a black office dress i missed here in Romania)
* Kaufhof (departement store: sixty eight lingerie, Woldorf tights, Chiemsee ski equipment)

Besides those must points on my list, i would definetly visit some other shops as well. I have my favorite shoe shops to visit, and i will also look for a gray bag and gloves to match my XXLong boots from Stefanel.

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